Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome to desert gardening

Okay, it is the beginning of season three and I am still learning to garden in the desert. When I first moved to AZ, Vern and I took a class devoted to vegetable gardening in the desert. We decided to build a raised bed that we could fill with wonderful soil. So, we made a raised bed on the east side of the house as instructed and filled it with B2 soil. B2 soil is average in nitrogen and organic matter, has a high PH level and has a very high water-holding capacity.

At the time, there were two large trees on our neighbor's property and they provided too much protection from the sun and nothing really produced. But, we kept trying.

This past summer, the trees were removed and so we plant again with vigor. Ron Miller provided us with a few garlic bulbs (I need to get the name of the garlic) this fall that he has had success growing and it looks like we might just have a harvest come March.

Over the last couple of weekends we have begun to plant tomatoes Early Girl and Celebrity, peppers, artichokes and chives.

Vern started some seedlings - squash, desert water melon, corn, sunflowers, basil and more.