Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring!!!

Ah, the first day of spring. A perfect time to report on the Moon Valley Garden.

The "weeds" have bloomed. Last year the yard was a burst of California poppy - an orangey/yellow brillant bloom blanketing the front yard and a large patch of red phlox about 3 feet tall . This year the prodomenent color is purple!!! Purple Lupines in large patches and sprinked about, fantastic!

The California poppies are little bursts of sun all around the yard and the red phlox is low and mingles.

We also have a river of dwarf toad flax in pinks, purples, yellows and white.

Citrus Tree update. We fertilized the last week of February and they are full, full, full of blooms.

And, we have a new little lime on the Bearss Lime tree.

Vegetable garden update. Remember how a "bug" ate my tomato plant. Well, it has grown back and is the largest tomato plant in the garden. And, if you look closely you can see it has flowers. We should have our first AZ tomato in about 60 days.

Have you already heard about about the "real" first AZ tomato? The first year we built and planted the garden, the garden really struggled. But, we managed to grow one tomato. I watched that tomato for days waiting for it reach the height of perfection. Meanwhile, a transient began to use the golf course as his private sleeping haven complete, with early morning shower courtesy of the MVCC irrigation system. On what I suspected would be the most perfect day for optimum tomato ripeness, I cheerfully walked over to the garden. To my surprise, not only was the tomato gone so were several peppers and I suspect basil but, I hadn't counted the basil leaves. At first I was overcome with disappointment, and then I immediately formed the story of the MVCC transient sitting down under the large weeping eucalyptus tree near the water (hazard) stream as the sun began to dip just the other side of the hill to a lovely locally grown salad. :) I can only hope this year's first AZ tomato will be equally enjoyed and I will be able to report to you on how scrumptious it tasted.

Ooh...Lady Bugs

I could have just as easily titled this entry- "yuk, aphids!"
Aphids, or plant lice (yuk, yuk,) are small, soft-bodied insects which are common pests of outdoor ornamental plants, as well as vegetables, field crops, and fruit trees.

I first noticed the aphids on the rose bushes "little green things" and shiney bushes.

Then I noticed "little blackish things" on the lime tree.

Then I noticed "little reddish things" on the tomatoe plants.

What is a gardener to do? There are many home organic remedies.
  1. Spray them off with hose water.
  2. Put on a pair of surgical gloves to protect the plants from skin oil and pick the "little things" off and squish them.
  3. Put 4 TB spoon canola oil. 1 Gallon of water. 1 TB of original Dawn dish soap (not the antibacterial.) Spray on the plants.
  4. Plant some Merigolds in the garden.
  5. Lady bugs, lots and lots of lady bugs. You can buy lady bugs at What you really want is the lady bug larvae which you are bond to get with a bag of 1750 lady bugs.