Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday

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This is my first "Bloomin' Tuesday" post.

I found the Bloomin Tuesday group when visiting the Water When Dry blog. I was looking for a little desert garden help. http://waterwhendry.blogspot.com/

After my enjoyable and inspirational virtual walks through the other Bloomin' Tuesday gardens, I wanted to invite each of you to join me in my AZ garden.

Remember to visit my MI garden this summer by clicking the link on right "In the Garden at the Lake."

Here is what is in bloom today in my AZ garden...

Purple Prickly Pear Cactus - Opuntia violacea var. santa-rita. I love the purple flesh color of the cactus and the lemon yellow color bloom.

There are a couple of other verities of Prickly Pear that have a greener flesh with bright blooms. The Beaver Tail Prickly Pear that has a fuchsia bloom and one variety has the most vibrant orange bloom. I must add those to the garden.

The paddles of this cactus are used in Mexican cooking and have the consistency of Okra. The fruit produced by the bloom I hear makes a beautiful jelly. My Prickly Pear needs to get a bit larger to produce enough fruit for jelly.

Gaillardia grandiflora 'Arizona Sun' is blooming very interestingly this season!!!

Chocolate anyone? Chocolate Daisy Berlandiera lyrata - smells like chocolate.


  1. A flower that smells like chocolate. Could anything be better? Your prickly pear is so beuatiful! Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday!

  2. We are all fascinated by the desert blooms so we're very happy to have another desert gardener amoung us. I like the color of your prickly pear and I never heard of a chocolate flower. Thanks for joining in. Jean

  3. Very interesting and pretty, glad you joined Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday.

  4. Hi!
    I'm so glad to see another Arizona gardener on Bloomin' Tuesday. There are so few Arizona garden bloggers. We are a rare breed. I've never tried Chocolate Daisy Berlandiera lyrata. I will put that on my ever-growing wish list. It's beautiful. Thanks for the mention of Water When Dry on your blog. I'll be back to visit you soon.


  5. Welcome to Blooming Tuesday ! THis is one of my favorite days - can't wait to see what everyone else is doing in their gardens.
    I love your pictures - your flowers are so bright and cheery.
    Thanks so much for sharing..Paula from Idaho

  6. Your Arizona garden is lovely. The desert blooms are really beautiful.

  7. Simply beautiful!
    Blanket flower is on my grow list this year, as is thornless prickly pear.
    Choc daisy might just have to be too:)