Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Compost Bin Envy

After the last post, I strongly thought about dedicating an area of the yard to composting. I love the smell of earthy compost and the results of compost in the garden were pleasantly surprising.

Originally, I learned that the native desert plants do not need compost. Thus, I didn't give composting a thought.

However, after attending the http://ag.arizona.edu/extension/ 8th Annual Real Garden for Real People Garden Tour and seeing/hearing about all the benefits of composting in the desert, my love for the dark earthy humus resulting from composting had me searching out compost bins and clearing out a space in the yard.

The city of Phoenix sells recycled garbage cans for $5. The cans have been cut and drilled to form the perfect bin. http://www.phoenix.gov/GARBAGE/trshadd.html

The area I chose to place my bins was already collecting yard waste.

A rough fit test. Eleanor felt the bins would fit perfectly.

And, in no time, I had cleared out the area and filled my first bin according to the composting guidelines found by following this link. ftp://phoenix.gov/pub/payf/compostflyer.pdf

Stout loves to relax and take in the final results of yard work.

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  1. I've gotten seven bins so far. I have irrigation, hence large trees (leaves). I add manure, garbage, and coffee grounds to the leaves and the mix really heats up for perfect compost. I use to to throw away about twenty large trash bags full of leaves each year, now I go around picking up bagged leaves along the curb waiting for disposal. This all ultimately goes into my garden..